Is Trump Creating New Republicans?

Much of the media is trying to persuade Latinos to dislike the GOP but itu2019s a tougher sale than expected.

Scotland’s highest civil court sends Brexit revocation question to EU Hig...

The Scottish Court of Session [official website], Scotland's Supreme Court for civil matters, said [judgment, PDF] Friday that a question of Britain's ability to revoke the Brexit ...

In the Eye of the Kavanaugh Storm

Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, talks about the prospects of confirmation, the effort to give the accuser a hearing, and the #MeToo movement.
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Grapes of Union Wrath

The saga of workers at Gerawan Farming finally has a happy ending.
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The New Censors

A New York Review of Books editor is felled by #MeToo rage.
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Judicial council making bid for office, staff attorney

The Judicial Council on Friday approved a biennial budget request that asks the governor and state Legislature for money to hire a staff attorney, pay for
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Woman twice arrested for OWI within 1-½ hours

Dane County sheriff's officials say a deputy arrested the same woman twice for drunken driving within an hour and a-half.
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